Richmond Youth Fair 2013

Posted: 26th June 2013 by President in General Anouncements

So what happens when you need to entertain a crowd but you cannot play an instrument or afford a band? According to our president, you will just need a bunch guys in orange playing “Rock Band” on PS3 and act like rock stars. Well I guess it beats a bunch guys on stage playing “Air Guitars”. On June 1st our group hosted the first Richmond Youth Fair at Lansdowne Centre. We invited many other different youth group form all around the Lower Mainland join us to show how various groups can help youth in their unique ways.

Besides people growing a lot closer with as group (mostly due to the paper island experience) and finding out that our mascot Mr. Bear could be the next triple threats actor and a real people person (age 1 and up). There were many different exhibition booths by various youth groups, fun group activities and games on stage, raffle prizes, as well as live musical performance. We were also able to use all the experiences that we gain from helping out at RCCS events and pick up some new skills along the way.



Thanks to our President Nicolas and his angels Christy, Melissa, Jessica, Monica,Vivian, Paco, and Stanley (and yes angels can be guys too) for running such a successful event. We also would like to thank MP Alice Wong, Richmond City Councillor Bill McNulty and Chak Au, Richmond School Trustee Kenny Chiu and Eric Yung, all RCCS Directors and the participating youth groups that came out to support us. And a special thank you to Ms. Bronwyn Bailey for generously allowing us to host this event at Lansdowne Centre. See you all again next year!

July is going to be another busy month for us as we will have another 3 events lined up for the month. We are always looking for more help, so please don’t hesitate if you want to contact us.