Children Drawing Contest 2014

Posted: 9th October 2014 by RCCS Youth in General Anouncements
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This year, we collaborated with our parent group, RCCS, to host the annual Children Drawing Contest was held last Saturday at Lansdowne. The topics included “My Heart Healthy Lunchbox” for the junior group and “Road to a Healthy Heart” for the youth group. By hosting this contest, we not only provide a platform for local young artists, whose talents may not be well supported in the community, to showcase their talents, but also help raise the awareness of cardio health! There were over 80 young contestants, and many people visited our game booths for free prizes! We had many enthusiastic volunteers that helped out at the booths, and other youth organizations such as Scouts Canada attended as well.

What attracted the most people was definitely our own photo booth! People gathered together with their friends and family and made fun and silly poses along with our hilarious props. Most of our photos featured our popular and photogenic teddybear mascot — everyone wanted him in their photos!