Youth Fair 2015: Amazing Race Special

Posted: 10th August 2015 by RCCS Youth in General Anouncements


We just had one of our biggest events this year on Saturday, July 25th! The event was unique this year as there was an Amazing Race special around Central Richmond. Four teams competed in the competition for first and second place with prizes to be won.

The event started off with a presentation of our group made by our President, Christy, and our treasurer, Monica. Afterwards, we split the audience into two teams to play a game of Charades as volunteers helped set up the booths around Richmond. The words were very challenging and it became very competitive. When it was time for the Amazing Race to begin, teams headed down to Minoru Park to play the first game, Tarp Folding. For this game, the teams had to compete by fitting everyone into a tarp and at every stage, the folds get smaller. The winning team was able to get a head start at the Popcorn Tasting booth. There were 5 different flavours of popcorn that had to be guessed correctly before teams could move onto the next game. The next game was Find the Message which members had to eat a lemon in a cup to find a letter at the bottom and put together a message. Afterwards, we had a game in the mall where members had to look volunteers in our orange t-shirts and only one of them had the right message. Other games included Guess the Song and Food Stacking. The last stop was at the RCCS office where teams had to take a group photo with adorable teddybears at our photobooth.






When the teams returned, they were all very tired. The Amazing Race definitely got youths running around and exercising. Congratulations to the two winning teams! We would like to thank everyone that attended and our volunteers that helped out a lot throughout the day. Our group aims to bring together youths from the community to meet each other and have fun. We hope everyone enjoyed Youth Fair and look forward to our future events!