Volunteer Appreciation Gathering 2015

Posted: 29th December 2015 by RCCS Youth in General Anouncements







We had our very first Volunteer Appreciation Gathering to end off a good year! Some of our volunteers attended the event all dressed up and ready to celebrate. Our President this year, Christy Liu, started off the presentation with a greeting and slideshow of the photos and videos of the many events and gatherings that we had this year. It was great looking back on this year and remembering the fun times we had volunteering.

This year, aside from helping out with RCCS events, we also had our own events again. In February, we had our second annual Sandwich Run in which we made 300 sandwiches again and handed them out to the people in need. In the summer, we had a summer social where we invited our friends to join us for a BBQ and we watched the fireworks together. We also had one of our biggest events, Youth Fair 2015: Amazing Race Special. We decided to hold an amazing race this time and had many teams competing against each other in mini games. There was a lot of running and excitement throughout the competition. Thank you to those we participated in our events. We’re also glad to have so many volunteers helping out.

After the presentation, we presented certificates and made a few speeches. Congratulations to Billy Leung on receiving the Most Helpful Member award and Annabelle Wong on the Most Dedicated Member award. It was also great having the RCCS President, Alex Wong, join us at this gathering. He was very proud of our achievements throughout the years! Some of us went up to say a few words about our experience this year. To end off the presentation, we took our handover photos with the outgoing and incoming Cabinet. This year’s Cabinet is Christy Liu as President, Stanley Li as Vice President, Sherlock Lau as Secretary, and Monica Ho as Treasurer. Next year’s Cabinet is Monica Ho as President, Annabelle Wong as Vice President, Christopher Ng as Secretary, and Sherlock Lau as Treasurer. Congratulations and looking forward to next year! Stay tuned everyone!