Summoners’ Showdown took place over the past Sunday March 11, 2012, and I’m happy to announce that the event was a HUGE SUCCESS!

I would like to take this opportunity to first give thanks to our sponsors Compu2000, Lansdowne Futureshop, Riot Games, DNA Internet Cafe, RCCS, Raise Your Weapon Media, all the volunteers, and last but not least everyone who participated, including those of you who simply watched the game on the LIVE stream we had during the event.

For a quick recap, the grand prize winner was team Icons of Vanity. Each member of that team won a prize pack from Riot [$15 Riot Points + Triumphant Ryze + (Next Release) Champion Skin Bundle], an Alienware TacX mouse from Compu2000 for their future pwning experiences, and most importantly a commemorative medal around the neck and a trophy

Second prize was won by team ftU, who each went home with an extra $15 Riot Points.
Third prize was won by team Tetris, who each went home with an extra $10 Riot Points.
Fourth prize was won by team Triumphant Rice, who each went home with an extra $5 Riot Points.

The complete results of the round robin and tournament tree can be found on

We also had a fun game of Catch the Teemo, which was won by tonylahh from Tetris who was awarded with the SteelSeries Gaming mouse from Lansdowne Futureshop.

Other award winners include Latoc from Icons of Vanity who took home the Alistar Approved Award,
and GGIce from Triumphant Rice, who took home the Most Sportsmanship Award. Both were awarded with a Sennheiser PC Headset.

You can watch some of the exciting moments of the tournament by watching the recorded streams on Your Weapon Media, specifically Highwind, Paddo, Heykelso, and Jordan did an amazing job casting and helping out during the event. Here’s a big shout out to them.

Lastly, if you are interested in joining RCCS Youth, volunteering or participating in our future events, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook Bookmark this website, and contact us directly via the contact form.

  1. Heykelso says:

    We had a blast! Thanks again for supporting us and the eSports community!