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Hey everyone! The RCCS Youth Group will be helping out again at this year’s LANcouver League of Legends Tournament from July 12th to 15th! There will also be other games present such as Starcraft 2 and Counter Strike GO for those who are less interested in League of Legends. It will be a great opportunity [...]

Richmond Youth Fair 2013

Posted: 26th June 2013 by President in General Anouncements

So what happens when you need to entertain a crowd but you cannot play an instrument or afford a band? According to our president, you will just need a bunch guys in orange playing “Rock Band” on PS3 and act like rock stars. Well I guess it beats a bunch guys on stage playing “Air [...]

Half a year has went by quicker than a blink of an eye. If you haven’t notice already we have a new logo which sports a cool new cape to represent our growth (and our newly found powers muhahaha). We also briefly discuss getting new T-shirts that have capes attached to them. But that idea [...]