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Richmond Chinese (Youth) Community Society


R.C.C.S. Youth Group strives to provide a positive environment with opportunities for networking and personal growth. Our group seeks to develop responsible youths through leadership and volunteering roles. From our events, we can further develop and nurture friendships among all members by bonding through common and diverse interests.


R.C.C.S. created this youth group for local youths to meet new friends, and provide them with volunteering opportunities in their community. Through volunteering, one can gain leadership and real world experiences. It is also a place to have fun and participate in various activities and sports together.

The R.C.C.S. Youth Group is formed in 2009 under the guidance of the parent group, which was established in 1989 as a non-profit charitable organization. It promotes the spirit of community services amongst those with a Chinese community to participate in various community activities and volunteer in other Richmond community organizations.

RCCS Youth Group Events and Activities

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