Half a year has went by quicker than a blink of an eye. If you haven’t notice already we have a new logo which sports a cool new cape to represent our growth (and our newly found powers muhahaha). We also briefly discuss getting new T-shirts that have capes attached to them. But that idea was quickly shot down when someone mention the Incredibles.
We started the year off with the banging of drums and cymbals of the Lion Dance at the Annual RCCS TD Lunar New Year Celebration at Lansdowne Centre on February 16. Traditionally, the Lion Dance performance was supposed to ward off evil by pretending to something more terrifying than evil itself. However as the years goes by the Lion grew less and less fearsome and became more and more friendly to the point where kids runs towards them instead away from them. Some would say that this modern Lion Dance has loss all meaning, but I like to think of it as there just isn’t any evil left to ward off. Besides the Lion Dance, we also have many other exciting programs on stage and we were in charge of bringing good fortune to others by giving out lots gold (chocolate) coins away.

It really isn’t Chinese New Year unless you feast till you can’t move. That is why we took part in the 14th Annual RCCS Community dinner on February 27, shortly after the event at Lansdowne. It was an evening was about getting some of most influential people from different local community groups to coming together to celebrate Chinese New Year and to do some important networking.

After the fanatic pace of running a tournament (you can read more about that on our previous post), we proceed to celebrate the Asian Heritage Month with the RCCS Asian Heritage Fair on May 5th. It was a day fill with music and dance performances as well as exhibitions that showcases the vast diversity of different Asian cultures here we have in Canada.

We hosted our first (hopefully annual) Richmond Youth Fair on June 1st. You can read more about that on our future post.
The following 2 events happened all in 24 hours (in my Kiefer Sutherland voice). The first one was the RCCS Karaoke Fundraising Dinner and Dance on the night of June 8th Saturday. And the other one was the RCCS Chinese Opera Performance in the morning of June 9th Sunday. We have great turn outs for both events and were very pleased with the results. Thank you for all those involved, especially those who volunteered for both events.

We are always looking for more help, so please don’t hesitate if you want to contact us.