RCCS Halloween Fundraiser 2012

Posted: 7th November 2012 by President in General Anouncements

So what happens when a Ninja, a Jedi, and the President of RCCS Youth walk into a bar? Well you get the 23rd anniversary RCCS Halloween Dinner & Dance Fundraiser. Close to 300 guests showed up for this year’s “best dressed” event. Besides the usual saving the day from evil doers (ie. rescuing innocent helium balloons from the evil ballroom sky light), we were also in charge many more “mundane” things. We have to do things like rounding up all the ghosts and fairies for the costume contest, and “shh-ing” people so they will be quiet at the silent auction. Over all the night went great until our Ninja got “Force Choke” because Jedi didn’t like the way Ninja looked at him when the president wasn’t around to keep them in line. And no, the “Force Choke” is not “dark side” move fyi…

Quick reminders: Members who have volunteer for 3 or more RCCS event are invited to the RCCS AGM and Volunteers Appreciation Dinner on Nov. 18. For more information check out the facebook event page. And before that, our AGM is on Thursday Nov. 14 at 7pm in the RCCS Board Room. Please come out and support your presidential candidates. “Foward” I say. And yes, I am Nic and I approve this message.