Summer Social 2 (August 2, 2014)

Posted: 2nd September 2014 by youthmember in General Anouncements

Following the success of our RCCS Summer Social last year, we decided to host a Summer Social 2! Many new people attended

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and we all got to meet each other as tadalafil 20 mg best price well as introduce skin care meds cost our youth group to them. Even though it was hot and crowded, we all showed teamwork and had a great time playing volleyball together! Of course, we were all hungry after, so we gathered together for a delicious barbeque dinner as we talked and laughed. To end off the exciting day, we all sat together and enjoyed the dazzling fireworks from Japan for the Celebration of Lights.

RCCS Youth Christy Liu give thanks to Cho Lim for his Leadership Presentation

What is leadership? Most of us feel that we know what leadership is but there is actually more to it than just a term!

On Wednesday, we invited Cho Lim, an inspirational professional with a multi-national company, to speak to the youth about leadership at our Leadership Workshop. Why should you learn about leadership? Well, leadership is a very important ingredient towards success! The actions that every one of us does can affect the lives of many others.

He taught us about the characteristics of different types of leadership and how we can become better leaders to positively influence others around us. Good leaders are well-rounded in many areas of their lives in order to effectively help others and develop strong relationships. Eventually, they may attract followers who will be influenced by them to achieve a common goal. With a passion to maintain a balanced lifestyle and strong relationships, anyone can be a leader!

We are very glad that Cho took the time to teach the youth about leadership as they will be the developing leaders of the future. We will keep in contact with him so that he can help guide us towards success as an individual and as a group!

RCCS Youth Group had their very first Sandwich Run and it was a meaningful experience. Even though it was cold and snowing outside, the volunteers had a great time helping out the community by handing out 300 sandwiches that they freshly made in the morning to the people in need. Seeing their thankful smiles gave the group the warmth that they needed. This event was amongst the several community events that our group organizes every year. Volunteers are brought together to share the same passion for helping out the community. They are looking forward to having more sandwich runs again in the future.

Sandwich Preparation!
Action Shot!
Ready to Serve!

Below are quotes from a few of our volunteers:

“The sandwich run was successful because I feel like we really helped people who are in need. The smiles they had when they got our sandwiches warms people’s hearts on the cold snowy day.”
- Monica

“It made my day to see the smiles of people appreciating what we did.”
- Nick

“It was very cold, but it was very fulfilling, because we could provide just a little bit of comfort for them, especially in the cold weather. The sincerity of their ‘thank yous,’ make me feel like I made a difference.”
- Hansel

“It was cold standing on the street handing out the sandwiches, but we all felt warm inside when people said thank you to us and appreciated what we were doing”
- Lillian

“A cold day warmed by caring hearts.”
- Billy