RCCS Youth Christy Liu give thanks to Cho Lim for his Leadership Presentation

What is leadership? Most of us feel that we know what leadership is but there is actually more to it than just a term!

On Wednesday, we invited Cho Lim, an inspirational professional with a multi-national company, to speak to the youth about leadership at our Leadership Workshop. Why should you learn about leadership? Well, leadership is a very important ingredient towards success! The actions that every one of us does can affect the lives of many others.

He taught us about the characteristics of different types of leadership and how we can become better leaders to positively influence others around us. Good leaders are well-rounded in many areas of their lives in order to effectively help others and develop strong relationships. Eventually, they may attract followers who will be influenced by them to achieve a common goal. With a passion to maintain a balanced lifestyle and strong relationships, anyone can be a leader!

We are very glad that Cho took the time to teach the youth about leadership as they will be the developing leaders of the future. We will keep in contact with him so that he can help guide us towards success as an individual and as a group!