The R.C.C.S. Youth group is organizing a League of Legend Tournament in March 2012. This will be the first ever game tournament hosted by the RCCS Youth group, and also the first local LoL tournament.

Summoners' Showdown: LoL Tourament Poster

Here’s some good questions for all of you when you consider participating in this event:

  • Do you play regularly, got to levels 30 eons ago and has high elo on ranked?
  • Are you OP and score aces and penta-kills every game?
  • Do you talk LoL, item builds, team comp and game strats day and night?

If you answer NO to any of the above questions, you should definitely come!
Learn from strong opponents and up your skills through this crazy experience.

Visit the Facebook Event to get all the latest information and “attend” to show interest.

Pre-registration will begin very soon. Stay tuned!