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Aren’t you excited at the upcoming RCCS Youth League of Legend Tournament?! It’s only one and a half weeks away!!! To add to the excitement we have planned one more way for participants to win some prizes. We have added a “Catch the Teemo Raffle Draw” to win a Steelseries MMO Gaming Mouse! It will [...]

It is with great honor that we have invited Kallen “Paddo” Paddock from Raise Your Weapon Media to webcast our games for the upcoming Summoners’ Showdown LoL tournament. If you can’t make it to the event, you can still catch all the actions LIVE in front of your own computers! If you haven’t heard of [...]

Boys and girls, mark it down on your calendars now! The date is March 11, 2012. RCCS Youth is hosting Summoner’s Showdown: the League of Legend Tournament. * WE HAVE OFFICIALLY OPENED THE REGISTRATION FOR THE TOURNAMENT. YOU CAN REGISTER HERE* (EDIT: NOW CLOSED) Registration ends on 11:59pm March 7, 2012. Register NOW! Registration is unconfirmed [...]